Sinai Scholars

Do you enjoy fun and lively conversations?


Do you want to challenge the status quo?


Do you have questions about Judaism that are important to discuss?


Do you want to discover how Judaism is relevant and forward-thinking?


Do you want to join a warm community?


Then Sinai Scholars is for you!


Think Jewish course


Jewish Values for Modern Life


8 Discussion Classes


3 Fun Jewish Experiences


Earn $350


Only 10 Participants Accepted per Term




What will we discuss?

Jewish Identity


Significance of Jewish Observance




Jewish Mysticism

The Future




What You'll Discover

Chessed Project - Tikkun Olam - Bake Challah for Elderly.

Shabbat Experience: FND, Shabbat Service, Lunch.  Havdallah

Delicious Dinner served with each class!

Field Trip - Mikvah Visit and Sainsburys Kosher food hunt.

Graduation and Closing Gala

This learning experience is different from any class you have ever attended!


Sinai Scholars is not a series of lectures; it is a series of interactive discussions. It is not a repeat of what you experienced in school or Cheder; it is fun, stimulating, deep, and relevant.

It is not a time to listen; it’s a time to question. It is not geared to tell you what to think; it provides an opportunity to explore Judaism’s rich heritage at your own pace with you in the driver’s seat.


Sinai Scholars is a platform upon which participants explore central elements of Judaism that are relevant, interesting, and empowering for all Jews, irrespective of background, education, and level of commitment.


By the end of this journey, you will have a richer appreciation for some of the core elements of Jewish heritage and Jewish identity, along with a deeper understanding about how these interface with modern life.





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